Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday Field Trip

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for the field trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science with my oldest (15) Jakob. I am thankful that my cousin fixed this picture for me too. There was a boy walking behind us and another that snuck his head right in the center of the two of us. Its so rare to get good photos with Jakob since he was 10, he got camera shy.

Jakob took this photo- before we started our adventure

I could not believe how big this shell is! We enjoyed this section of the museum. It has all sorts of stones and their amazing colors.

This was Jakob's favorite. I was not surprised because it is Blue. His birthstone is Amethyst. He wishes it wasn't because it is purple. We did see a huge display that had Amethyst though.

We had lunch in the park, it was a very nice day. Perfect weather. I enjoyed so much getting to spend time with him

These are the "popular kids" goofing off. The wind was blowing so it was kind of funny to see them attempting this. I will admit it was the best bus ride I have ever taken with students. Wonder if that is because they are all AP kids.
This is my favorite picture of Jakob. I took two- one near a Periodic Table- so him, which was very blurry, but then this one near a Drilling Engineering machine- Paul called it a Christmas Tree. I have seen a few pictures and video of Paul's dad and he used to work on these- probably not quite so advanced looking ones though. Since Jakob's desire is to go into Engineering/Science I decided this was a good photo moment. We also enjoyed this section a great deal, turning all the handles to see the different oil types etc.  I am so blessed to have had this trip with him. It was a wonderful day. One we completed by mailing a quilt I finished the night before and then getting 6 books from the library that he put on hold/which were ready and also getting a burger and half price coke at Sonic.
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  1. Looks like y'all had a fun day! Thanks for sharing today for TT! God bless,

  2. Haven't taken a field trip with my girls since they became teenagers. Lucky you! Looks like it was a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing!

    God bless


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