Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tackling an Out of Control House

Spring Cleaning and Getting Control of My House
Beware its pretty scary.. and my husband would kill me for posting..
This room used to be my quilting area- it really was fairly clean last May when my Dad in Utah came to visit. Then we started remodeling Mekenzei's Room, the weather turned terribly cold and well it got way out of control.
I am so overwhelmed at this point, not even knowing where to start. My idea is to have a child pull one container at a time to my quilting tables in my bedroom. One bag open for donations, one for trash. Hoping to donate more than to throw away. For fabric the rule I have is if I can't think of a quilt I want to make with it in the next year, just donate it. Time to just purge and try not to look back. We really need a clean house.
This stack doesn't look so bad but its right at the front door so I decided to tackle it first. Mostly it is clothes that have been donated to us and blankets of the kids.

I ended up with two large Trash bags so far- these fit the outside type trash cans, they are pretty big.

This is the donation spot. I have even already had the boys help me load it, because I dont want it sitting on the porch or in the house. We will drop it off tonight.
Clean Area one- what a difference! I actually only kept one container of clothes (they will be for Mekenzei later) and 2 containers of blankets, the rest we donated from this original pile
I still need to locate a place for these wood slats, they are flooring we will need from Mekenzei's closet to replace the existing wood spots that are ruined in this room this summer (I Hope) for now they will sit on the cedar chest, but I want a better plan. You can see the floor though so I am not complaining.
First thing we did with this area is pull the blankets off the windows and the plastic. All the containers that have lids have been gone through, and I kept maybe one container of fabric so far. I still have a ways to go. I am tired at this point and still very overwhelmed. My husband and younger two have left for the evening and Jakob has homework, so the rest I am left to tackle alone. Not as easy to do.
What's still left for tonight- honestly too much. I have no desire to keep going but I am praying that Christ Gives Me Strength and I can just keep moving. It would be nice to be finished. Besides I would actually love to move the couch and Tv Center up here tonight. It would be interesting to live in a house with an actual living room and maybe just maybe get the kids out of my bedroom.

What is still left for this weekend- The Den- Not until tomorrow though. I can't imagine doing this too

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  1. You will be glad when you are finished. A clean and organized house can give you a calmer life.


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