Saturday, March 5, 2011

Craft Day Friday at my Cousins

I have enjoyed these last few Friday's at my cousin's house. I never realized how hard it is to not have fellowship with other women and how much we are created to need that. Last Friday we worked on her bumper pad which is simply adorable. This week we did some bow making- something she could teach me. I am looking forward to next Friday if we can do something again. So these are all the bows that I made her. A set to match her Easter Dress, something for 4th of July, something very simple and elegant- the black and white floral, then just some fun things.
These are bows that she personally made her. Mekenzei loves them.
These are two sets she taught me to make. Mekenzei loves sports. My cousin had this great idea of putting the buttons in the middle. Of course wouldn't you know that is Mekenzei's favorite part. I think they are super cute.
This is her collection. My cousin's wife had made her a bunch of bows with a cute little bow board last year so she had a supply of some already. She just really wanted some new ones and I didn't know how to do it. Now I can say I know how to make two different ones. Working on the third one she tried to teach me, it is a little harder so I am going to purchase some ribbon with wire so I can tackle that type of bow. Mekenzei can't wait for me to make a few more to match some other clothing combo's she wears. I really am loving these craft Fridays. I love visiting, spending time with her and her three kiddos. They are such a wonderful loving family.

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