Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nearly Finished Living Room

What I was left with tonight to finish up- just in the Living Room. I am thankful to my oldest for pitching in. More than anything he just talked to me while I worked and carried gone through containers (3) to my pantry and then donation bags (2) to the truck. He also helped take some stuff of my daughters to her room and helped me move a couch, tv and dvd player. It feels good to have one room tackled. I hope to clean the blinds and paint still and all the tack boards from where we had carpet three years ago still need to be pulled up. Not bad for a days work though. Now to tackle the den tomorrow.

The finished product- Dog already decided the loveseat was his. Might have to break down and find a used couch or a couple chairs since for the first time ever we have a living room. YEAH!

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