Monday, March 21, 2011

Quilts and More Quilts

Quilt 3 of Mother's Clothing Order- Used Tshirts, Regular Shirts and two Sweatshirts to complete this quilt.
Quilt has a black fabric with a little circle on it, in a shade of olive green. I used an Olive Green tone on tone to bind the quilt to pull the coloring out some. The backing is also done in an Olive Green colored Flannel.
Closeup of a couple of the shirts. I found using a regular style shirt works pretty well too.
I love this quilt. I took 31 clothing items plus 4 parts of shirts (repeat) to make a 35 block quilt with 8 in squares for the Father. I used pants, shorts, shirts, a house robe, long sleeve shirts. It came out very nice. A couple of the shirts had two parts to them- hence the little white neck line. I thought that added a special affect.
I tried to capture as many pockets on the shirts, pants and shorts as I could to add more character to the quilt. This quilt was a little smaller in size than the other three I made her but I felt that was okay with all the added bonuses to the quilt.

Here is another closeup. It has the same three fabrics as the Brother's Quilt, the black/olive border, olive tone on tone binding and olive flannel backing. I hope that this capture enough different clothing options to bring back some memories to treasure for him.

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