Monday, March 21, 2011

40 Days 40 Bags Jakobs Room

I have been asking Jakob since Spring Break to clean his room. Seems we didn't get very far, however had did have a lot of homework to do and we got all but one thing on my list done as far as that was concerned so I wasn't really all that upset. Today I went in to change his sheets and decided to help him out a little, I did his bed and swept everything to the middle of the floor. He didn't have any homework tonight so his job was to finish it all up.
Before- his desk- hmm how does he function?

This is all from under his bed, the dressers and the floor. Really maybe lots of trash?

His clothes, he tends to stack and not put away.

The donation bag, we also had a trash one too.

We had moved all the blankets from his left side so that he now has a place to put shirts and shorts, then the right side he has a new place for pants. He now will also just have his extra blankets, which I need to get a container for, instead of everyone's blankets for the whole house. Eventually we might have to go to all shelving because the dresser honestly holds very little. It does look much better.

His bed nice and tidy

We went through this dresser and donated clothes he didn't like or didn't wear anymore. Now it is just for games and things like little legos. It is nice and organized. I hope it stays that way.

The desk- I admit the drawers need work but he can do that another day. The room is much cleaner and I am thankful to have one bag to add to my donated list, and one bag to add to the trash list. Zekaryah is working on his tonight too, so I will have a post for tomorrow. Will be nice that two more rooms are nice and tidy as we continue to travel through the house doing our March Spring Cleaning.

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