Monday, March 21, 2011

Beginnings of our Garden

Sunday I let Paul have the day to work on the garden while I worked on #4 of a quilt order. He got a lot done. I was impressed. Last year we had a great deal of trouble with the rabbits and deer, it was a first for us. This area last year was all strawberries, but they cleaned us out. So we have tomatoes and peppers planted here for now. We found out that plastic is great for the bottoms of the mock like cages Paul made- it helps with the rabbits and also keeping the soil moist.

He had part of this first row done last weekend, I could not believe how tall the tomatoes he had in the ground have already become. I forgot to take a photo but he also planted two rows of squash. The local feed store is supposed to have more 6 pack plants I am hoping we can go by this week to pick up some more variety.

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