Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quilt for a Grandson

This is a quilt for a grandson, it is made out of his grandfather's clothing. I made two quilts for this customer before. They were using hunting like colored clothing. These quilts she wanted a navy blue with lighter blue fabric for the border. I found her exactly that. I actually had to special order it from Joann's.

There were not as many pockets or special things with this one but I tried my best to add some character to it. It contains 28 8 inch blocks.

I found a midnight blue flannel for the back and an almost denim blue fabric for the binding. In this photo you can almost see the little blue specs on the fabric for the border. I really like how the quilt turned out.

I have one more to do tomorrow, she has two sons, it will be very similar because the same clothing items are used and she wanted the same fabrics. The finished quilt is about 45 by 72.

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