Monday, March 21, 2011

Jakob and School Progress

I asked Jakob's counselor what his class ranking was by email just prior to Spring Break. I was told they would be calculating it in the last nine weeks of the year. He is currently a freshman, taking a very difficult load. He is taking AP English, Biology, Algebra II, Spanish II, AP Human Geography * a college like course*, Art and PE. He gets all A's but sometimes I worry because they might be in the 94-96 range. 
At this point in his life he is interested in video gaming- meaning creating his own games- which he does on graph paper all the time as well as on the computer. Then he desires to do something with engineering as a full time job after High School/College. 
Next year he is taking an even more difficult course load, with Spanish Three, Pre Cal and Chemistry added to the mix, I think he will enjoy the year more because he will be able to take a video gaming course too, and no PE.
I was very excited to get this response today via email,
"Hi Ms. Wells,
I hope you guys had a great Spring Break.  Jakob is ranked #1 out of 504.  Congratulations on his hard work.  Have a great day."

WOW!! He really does work hard, I am super proud of him. I do tend to lecture a great deal that I don't feel he does as well as he could, sometimes I feel that he does just what he needs to, in order to get the A. I loved the look on his face tonight when I shared this wonderful news. I pray that he can continue to do this well his last three years as he looks for a tuition free college experience from places such as Rice, A&M, and University of Texas.

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