Monday, March 21, 2011

40 Days 40 Bags Zekaryah's Room

Oh my goodness!
You know out of all my children Zekaryah is the one always leaving stuff around. The other two do also but he is double their laziness. I could not believe my eyes at his "Supposed Clean Room"

I had done wash and sent it up to him, I was very disappointed to see it not put away, in fact nothing had been put away in some time.

I began with clothing. We had a bag to donate, everything else is on the shelf- which eventually once we remodel his room he will have real shelves for clothes in this corner- kind of book case style
The Trash-- the Trash -- the Trash! This is were I actually got upset, water bottles, coke cans, food, plates, dishes oh wow. This is a 32 Gallon Trash Can! This whole trash can is full to the brim, this all came from HIS ROOM! We also found out why the rat was living here, it is called FILTH! We have a strict policy about not eating in our rooms, well I guess he has ignored this for some time. Needless to say he will not be able to buy candy or coke with his own money for a long while, and I will have to go into his room every other day to make sure he is cleaning it. Since he is in the Loft I don't even notice his room, that was my mistake.

This is the dirty clothes bucket- supposedly I had washed everything, guess not.
After two hours of work- both of us, here is part of the room now cleaned

He actually has a clean area to sleep, with nothing under his futon or tv center- which he almost lost due to my raging anger.

He can now find his clothes, they are now all organized- AGAIN.. This was a big job, but a good tackle. I really hope my two hours of lecturing while cleaning will sink in. I was just blown away at how he was "living". Glad we got that rat too, I might have screamed my way all down the stairs had he been up there while I was cleaning. I am thankful the Lord watched over Zekaryah and he never got bit while he was sleeping up there.

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