Friday, March 4, 2011

Commitment of Plans Proverb Friday

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.
Proverbs 16:3

Commitment is something that is tough in our household. We do well with the basics like praying, doing homework, getting good grades, holding down a job.. The harder parts for us are eating good and exercise. That was our focus for this year- become more healthy.
I was watching CSI last night with the kids while I worked on my Tshirt Quilt Sampler.
I saw this woman’s home who was a hoarder..I had to kind of laugh because often our house is a little like that; not to that extreme at all. We have an issue with stacking. Whether it be on surfaces or bins we stack. It has become a huge issue. It started because we did not have closets of space. We have not made a commitment to cut down on the clutter and I feel this week like it has taken over our home. What is worse is that it limits what we can do in our home. We have to restack in order to play a game, eat dinner at the table or exercise. Even the kitchen becomes an issue to cook at times.
It made me think of the word Commitment. That it is not just meant for prayer, reading your bible, attending church, but it is meant in all areas of your life. So I am making a commitment to change our lifestyle this weekend and getting the kids involved. We are going to purge through our rooms of the house and create some ZONES. I will admit having the pantry closet will help because we now have some storage areas.
There are two Zones we will be tackling- one making a fitness area out of the den. I really feel like this needs to be a priority and commitment for us. Then I am turning the living room-where I typically quilt unless we are having extreme cold or heat weather wise- the actual tv/game center area. I have been quilting in my bedroom all winter, and in the summer I do the same, so I thought why the move back and forth...and we need to use our space more wisely anyway.
So I am committing my plans to the Lord, asking for his guidance in our footsteps and taking back our house from the clutter, chaos and stacking. Should be interesting to see how the kids take the news when they get home from school.

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  1. My Granny is a full-blown hoarder. I eork really hard to not let this happen at my house. We tend to make small stacks. I do not allow stacks on the kitchen table. On Friday mornings stacks are gone through and either trashed or taken to their rightful place. This works well for me. I hsve a catch-all hall closet that is my mission for this weekend.


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