Sunday, March 20, 2011

40 Bags 40 Days Day Five

Today I am working on a quilt top, but this morning we went through the blankets and sheets in my oldest son's room- that is where everything was being stored- we decided to donate two bags worth, still leaving us with way more than what I know what to do with, but we will have to see if we can add it to the pantry room on the top shelf so Jakob can have his own shelving in his room. We also are donating a cd- recording system we don't ever use and a water purifier thing that has sat for 2 years. Nice to still be downsizing. I made some success getting an old computer hooked up for the younger two in the living room too, it won't do much but run Office but that's mainly what they need it for. Will have to see if I can buy a couple sticks of memory to help it run a little quicker. Paul's working on the garden today. Can't wait to see his success. For now I am going to get back to my 4th quilt top, since the orders are due tomorrow.

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  1. You are making fantastic progress. I didn't get anything done at all today, but I plan on working tomorrow.


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