Friday, March 18, 2011

40 Bags 40 Days Part 3

Today's cleaning was under the stairs in the den- we emptied out three rubbermaid containers. Were left with two partial- one electronics and one exercise stuff. One bag of trash..

We also went through all the dvds and put them in books- to consolidate space and loose the shelf on the wall. We had four of these bags full. Pretty nice consolidation and I feel so much more organized. It also allowed us to put the adult movies up. Now that the kids are getting older I feel that they have more temptation if left to their own choices.

Here is the consolidated movies. I love it, nice and tidy- it also holds all our music too.

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  1. I made it into the bathroom first today and cleaned out from under my vanity. One bag of trash from there. I went into the attic and SPP's closet. My goal was to get the outgrown clothing of hers down to a level where the Rubbermaid container they were in would close comfortably with the lid that was sitting high above the fill line. I sorted through and pulled out an extra large gift bag full of baby clothes out to send to Africa with a girl at our church. I dropped it off to her on the way to pick up Jordan's Rx. (Bronchitis and Sinus infection today- which inhibited my bagging!)

    I hung a few clothing items up for consignment. I put about 3 bags in the attic for our yard sale. I am not counting the yard sale bags until they leave the house. That will be a huge deal when it comes. If I get a good bit done next week I am thinking yard sale may be next weekend!

    So, my total that has left the house so far is 4. I made a little box on my left sidebar on my blog to track my progress. That is being a helpful reminder to me so far.

    You are doing great!


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