Thursday, March 17, 2011

40 Bags 40 Days Day Two Cont

Outside work- Two bags of trash to add to the truck, Jakob was motivated to help get the porch cleaned off. It took about an hour or so, I even got out and trimmed the shrubs a little so that the walkway to the porch was clear, will have to finish trimming them later.

Jakob's finished job- he did good.

I love that he left the chairs for them to sit in the mornings when they are waiting for the bus. I teased him about needing one more since right now there are only two.
Zekaryah worked on the kitchen table and the floor of the dining room. The dogs wanted to make sure they got credit for helping out too, when I took the picture. I had to laugh. I went out and bought myself a mop this afternoon, as well as a duster thingy on a pole for the blades of the ceiling fan. I am hoping now that we own a mop maybe the floors will stay a little cleaner. Now its time for me to get a quilt top done tonight. I got one done last night, so I am still on track to be able to hand off four quilts on Monday morning.

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