Saturday, March 19, 2011

40 Bags 40 Days Day Four

Today we continued cleaning in the house, parting ways with things and deciding to finish out most of the exercise room (our den). It was a long days work putting together this gym, but it will be worth it. During the time spent a "BIG RAT" decided to prance down Zekaryah's staircase. I was sitting on these steps at the entry of the den and could not believe my eyes. It of course went into our bedroom but thankfully Paul was home because it is now dead and no longer in my home. I am praying that is the last of them. It had gotten into the attic from a hole in the kitchen that is now repaired.

So here is the load of trash we took tonight to have dumped. It felt great to get rid of so much stuff. Too bad we couldn't recycle DVD Cases, maybe if we lived in Houston or a bigger city we could do that. So now my dining room and living room need to be tidied again because some things made there way into those rooms as we cleaned the den. Always a frustrating transition. Jakob is now on board with my 40 Day 40 Bag challenge- he is cleaning his room all by himself. Can't wait to see how well he does.

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  1. I love that the cleaning has become contagious! It is in my house too! Barry cleaned out a basket of old wires, cords, etc.. today and now the basket is empty and ready for a new purpose!


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