Thursday, February 17, 2011

Husbands Quilt of Love

Husbands Quilt of Love
This is the matching quilt to the Father's Love that I did last week, I am calling it a Husbands Quilt of Love

It does not have any of the pockets of the shirts or shorts but it does have two shirts that were long sleeve that buttoned up

It is nearly twin size- so it will be a very good throw to wrap up in, or lay over a couch.

Closeup of the corner
For this one I chose a different camo print. I really like it. This picture is a little bright light wise but it is a nice tan, cream, beige, sand color tone. It is super soft since like the other one it is flannel fabric. I am so thankful that I cut the clothing very carefully to be able to provide this extra quilt. I know it will be treasured by the wife and daughter whose home it ships to today. May it provide much comfort during this time for them.

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