Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful for the birth of my cousins new baby boy. I am also thankful that the birth brought vistors to her house and that they live close enough I get to visit today with my younger two. Most of my family lives in either California or Utah and it makes seeing anyone very difficult. My grandmother there, who is in her 90's, has not seen my children since my daughter was 7 months old, she is now 11. I am very excited that my younger two decided to go with me after school today. I am hoping to persuade my oldest to join us on Sunday night for dinner and the babies blessing- we shall see.
I am also thankful this week that I finished the second memory quilt from a Father's clothing. It was such a blessing to be able to work on this. It really had helped me work through my own loss some too. I know it will be a huge blessing for the woman these two quilts belong to, that brings me such Sunshine into my heart and I am ever so thankful the Lord put me in their path so I could help provide that. I am hoping that through these quilts our heavenly father can wrap his arms around these women and provide them with comfort during this time.
I had created a summer quilt for a friend this week, it turned out that it was not going to be big enough. What is nice about that is I can create another one, once I buy more of the main fabrics and this one can go to my grandmother. I really think it is a perfect lap quilt and I hope it will be something she can use until she too goes home to our Lord. Then I will have it back and have something to treasure of her. The Lord sure forsaw that need in my heart.
I worked on some potholders for the kitchen, some that match my giveaway winner Rita- and then the Liberty ones I posted yesterday. My husband was excited to see good quality potholders. I hope to make some more next week. It is nice when I can do some little things to improve a room in our house, or being able to do something as easy as pull food out of the oven and know we won't burn our hands. My old potholders leave something to be desired. 
I think the only thing I was not thankful for this week was all the multiple projects the kids have had. I did find myself a little thankful last night because it means that I husband has to stay home this weekend- which I prefer, he wanted to go out of town with his brother in law, and it also means we spend quite a bit of time together, because of having to work together with them to get it all done.
Lastly I am thankful for my valentines day gift this week, even if it was a day late. My husband bought several bags of half off Valentine's Day Candy and a Side Winder. I can't tell you how many times I am in the middle of stitching a quilt, or doing some binding and I run out of bobbin thread. It is always such a hassle to undo the top and rewind a bobbin. Since my hubby has helped me a great deal with quilting some quilts lately, he has seen it happen and thought to pick one of these gadgets up. Its funny I saw it two or more years ago, but refused to spend the money on it for myself. I am thankful he will, it was a very nice and useful gift. I am also thankful that my friend Pam will take me to a nearby town to the courthouse to get my DBA next week. I am horrible about stuff like that, my social anxiety just takes over. It is nice to have friends and family and love.

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