Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for my family. They have been so supportive the last couple months as I continue to take more and more orders, some paid orders some not. It takes a lot of time to create quilts, pillowcases and other items. I have made 13 quilts 6 pillowcases, 4 burp rags, 5 Christmas Stockings- for my family and taken orders for several other quilts in November and December. It is very exciting. In addition to that I have subbed - more in November then this month, but that is okay. What is really nice is there were several items that were donations or gifts to others. I have another donation Tshirt quilt I hope to get done, I am not sure I will pull that one off though. Will see.
The Lord amazes me because I sometimes wonder how I get it all done. My house surely shows the wear and tear of it all. I really need a professional cleaner at this point. So that brings me to the next thankfulness which is Christmas Break. Even though I have alot of sewing to still get done, there are several movies playing during the two weeks and I am hoping to clean room by room and declutter- we have a lot to get rid of just so I can manage things better. So a little bribing will take place.
My friend just had surgery on her shoulder and is not at home yet. She may move to a rehab center for a while. I feel for her and her family, as this is the first year without my mom, and I know how depressed I have been over it all. Today as I am thankful for family and the holidays I pray to get a special Pinwheel quilt done for her- I hope to send it off in a couple weeks so that she will have it to bring some Sunshine into her home and her spirit.

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