Friday, December 17, 2010

What I am Learning Friday

I learned alot about myself this last week. Some as a quilter, some as a mother, some as a wife and some as a friend. First off as a quilter- I do pretty good under pressure. Sometimes when I felt there was no way to get an order turned around in a day in a half I found myself praying even more for God's Guidance. I also learned that my husband while very supportive can be my stumbling block by convincing me I need to take a break. However, honestly I know that sometimes it is good to not push quite as hard as I have been lately.
As a mother I learned that my children don't always do as I ask when I am very busy. I think more because they know I don't have the time to follow up and see if they have done what I ask. This made me start something knew that I hope is temporary. They are doing their own wash. I feel like Zekaryah always wants his friend * over and then Mekenzei always wants to go to *'s house. However, I feel like they gripe if I ask them to unload the dishwasher, clean the bathroom or put their clothes away- which by the way I washed and folded. Several times since this summer I find that pile of clothes no longer folded, not put away and on their floor needing to be washed again. Last night- maybe partially due to stress- I said enough is enough. They were not going to friends houses, friends were not coming over and they were to clean their room and they now do their own wash. It was a funny site.
Mekenzei found herself cleaning Jakob's room-which she has shared with him since the summer- I hope to correct that this Christmas Break. I asked Jakob to go help while I was working on a quilt, once I realized she was cleaning what I already asked him to do- while he was on the computer! Her response- I want to do it myself. So in retaliation I had Jakob unload and reload the dishwasher. I was not letting him not clean- because at that moment I realized that Zekaryah was also CLEANING his room. Wow so friends are important huh? Mekenzei did her own load of wash and folded it and put it away. Jakobs room is half way clean, it looks nice and organized and swept- he will finish the rest. Zekaryah washed and dried his clothes- I admit I folded them and they are waiting for him to put away. His room is better but not to my standards just yet. Paul also must have realized how MAD I was because he did a load of his own clothes this morning. Too funny!
So as a friend I am learning sometimes its best to put things aside. My friend * asked me to go to her daughter *'s geography bee, she asked me early in the week. At the time I was waiting on Tshirts for a rush Christmas Order so I did not know if I could make it. I worked all day Wed subbing, came home finished Stabilizing shirts, cutting them and piecing them into rows. I wanted to finish the quilt top but my husband made me hang it up for the night. The next morning I finished it, went to the geography bee and was very thankful that I did. She only made it through the second round and missed a question about a state quarter but it was neat to see her willing to try against many 5th graders while she is only a 4th grader. What was better was that I was there supporting her and her family. I did need to be home and piecing the backing for the quilt on my table, and also pinning it- however to be honest I did it and had it ready just as my husband walked in the door - so it all worked out fine. I just had to set my priorities and remember the Lord wants us to be good friends too, not just good servants to our work. Now if I can get the funds to do the Tshirt quilt for her husband for Christmas- as a gift I will be set.
So as for my own husband. I have not heard him complain once about how FILTHY my house is, our house. I have not heard him complain about having to cook after a long days work because I either subbed and came home to work on a quilt or worked on a quilt all day and was still doing so. I heard him praise me Friday night when I became super stressed and needed a break from Tshirt quilts. I was feeling guilty because it appeared that once again my orders were coming before my own children. They really wanted stockings this year and I was afraid I would disappoint them again. He was supportive and allowed me to work on them and let my orders wait, knowing that all week I would be swamped trying to catch up! I admit the one order I had set aside was a gift order, but i still felt trememdous guilt, esp as when I started to work on it again, my iron went out, then the next day my rotary cutter broke- which delayed me even more. It will still arrive in time for Christmas though.
I am so thankful as I look back on the last couple of months. I miss my mom so much. I still find myself crying at the most inopportune times. Its so hard to not have her here to talk to, to share with, to laugh with, and most importantly to pray with. I am so thankful for her prayer back in June. My family life was unfocused and not going so well. Her death has made us all refocus a great deal. Just like the stockings- the kids quilts, gifts to friends who might not have provided items for their loved ones without my talent, time and treasure. I am thankful to the Lord for his provision and protection. For his many blessings and for this Holiday Season. I am thankful for friends and family who are far away. May everyone have a wonderful week as the remembrance of the birth of our Lord approaches this coming week. For without him much would not be possible and would for sure be meaningless.

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