Saturday, December 11, 2010

Crafty Christmas Stuff

 Started my morning making Pillowcases.. The Dog with the name Hope is an actual order for a little girls Christmas, then the monkey one is for my cousins little girl- he requested Green, monkeys and purple.. so I hope this works.

Then I made this pillowcase because my friend Diana saw the earlier ones and decided she wanted one for someone she knew. So took an order for it tonight, made it and have it ready to ship for Christmas tomorrow.
My night continued with starting some pillowcases. This one is Mekenzei's. I wanted everyone to have patchwork type pillowcases in Christmas fabrics, well that didn't go over well with Mekenzei. We were at Hobby Lobby and she loved this blue fabric. I found the lighter swirly blue to match it, she then picked her thread and fancy embroidery font.
Zekaryah loves the beach, he loves sea life and water. It was interesting when he picked this fabric. I thought he would pick a more tropical fish looking fabric. Then we found this cool star like fabric that matched the whales perfectly. When I was choosing the fonts for the stockings he happened to be in the room and informed me he did not want that Swirl fancy font that Mekenzei chose. So there went my second decision on everyone at least having the same font..Too funny. So he chose this, and in green because that is his favorite color.

Jakob loves games, any type of games really. This fabric suited him. We did go look for some other fabrics. I felt a little bad because I had purchased new fabrics for the other two kids, and Paul, but Jakob could not find anything new that he "really liked" so he "settled" on this. Now that the stocking is done I think it is perfect. His favorite color is blue, so we used that for the thread since we both agreed that the green fabric matched better for the top and inside of the stocking. All three stockings have batting and are quilted by various stippling. They also have a binding across the top and a little hanger thing that I made. Eventually I need to find some of those stocking holders people put on their mantles because for now they will go up with little thumb tacks.

 I still need to make Pauls, and mine. Paul chose Camo fabric, surprise surprise..I have not decided what to use yet for mine. I might make one especially for this year out of some butterfly fabric that my mom loved. I just don't know. All in a days work, and now that it is 12:30 its also time to head to bed.

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