Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Crafty Stuff Part Two

My Christmas Stocking. I wanted fabrics to remind me of my mom. The blue is the almost exact color of my moms wedding carnations. Her and I had loved butterflies and I often see butterflies now in my yard and think of her. I did not put a name on it because I wanted to showcase the inside butterfly fabric too. I think she really would have liked this stocking.

All of our Stockings. I am hoping to find some after the season stocking holders for the mantle for next year. I looked around this year they are very very expensive. I really would like some type of silver cross I am thinking.
Paul's stocking. Anyone that knows him knows he is a die hard camo guy. He chose the fabrics and the font/thread. I thought it was interesting that he chose this chunky font. But it so makes sense looking at it finished. I am sure I will never have to make him a new one.

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