Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WordFilled Wednesday

Thoughts to ponder- I grab this from my reading today as I reflected on what it meant.
"The Bible is like a love letter from God to humanity. The scriptures reveal volumes about God, His character, and His attributes. We'll never know God as well or as intimately as when we spend time in the scriptures."

I think this is very well said. Its so important to spend time daily in the Word of God. I can tell when I don't. I find little things bother me more. I find that I have more doubts and worry. When I am in the Word I know that the Lord is going to provide. That he will wrap me in His arms when I need a little more that day. That He will light our path.

Yesterday my husband met with his brother in law after work. They had gone over to a man's house, that his brother in law knows to buy out his business. I can't explain the business, rather just simply say that its something they both think they will be able to do. So much so in fact that once it is up and running they want me to help during the day. It is not something that is going to make us rich, but it is something that would help provide a little extra income- to hopefully help with things like braces, food on the table, school supplies etc. It gave me some hope, even though at the same time I felt discouraged.
This morning I woke up knowing that I needed to seek the Lord for wisdom. My husband already helps with a side job of grinding drill bits. It helps us when the extra work is available. He also stays after work as he can to pick up overtime. There are a few other odds and ends that occur. I find times like last night when he gets home really late very discouraging. The kids were all in this mood- homework was not going well, I was incredibly tired- which seems to be the norm lately and had a pounding headache. All I wanted was for him to come home.
My prayer is that we find a way to balance it all. A job for me does not seem plausible at this point. I keep trying and the door continues to remain shut. Quilts come in but not to the point that it is really a huge benefit. More like a small relieve from time to time. I am not even selling one a week which is where we really need to be.
We came to the realization a couple months ago that maybe I am not supposed to "really" work outside the home. The kids demanding schedules are so much effort on my part. Sometimes I regret putting them all three in AP courses. However, that being said, I know this too is only temporary and that they will be hopefully better for it.
So as this knew adventure begins we pray for guidance, wisdom and health. We also pray for patience and will continue to seek HIS help in our lives.
Today I am leaning on Matthew 7:24-27- the parable about building your house on a strong foundation.

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