Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful for the following verse today. I discovered it in my devotions today. What a comfort it is to read these words.

John 15:16

16You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit—fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.

How much more of a victory is there than this? I mean to know that we are chosen by God to go and bear fruit. I am thankful that I in return did choose to also have him in my life. To have him as my Lord and Savior. To serve him and no other.

I am also thankful this week for family. I enjoy that every night we have dinner right when the kids get off the bus. That the kids and I sit, eat, have conversation and then we begin the nightly ritual of homework. It might get a little more complicated come next week when the younger two begin to run track on Tue-Thur afternoons. It will require me to go pick them up at 4 pm every afternoon. I am so blessed to have found this free program for them. It is running cross country with the Jr High kids. Both the younger two are highly interested. It will require me to plan meals ahead and in any way possible have them cooked and ready to eat when we get back. Another blessing is that we don't live all that far from the school.

This week I have seen the blessing of the internet in our home, more so then normal. Jakob has been a hog on the internet. His homework often requires hours and hours of internet use as he pours through maps and information for his AP human geography course. It is so much work. Open House was a blessing this week as I discovered a book that he can add to his coursework that will help him possibly score a 5 on the AP test at the end of the year. I know most students only score a 3= but well we all know Jakob. It will also help him on the tests that his teacher gives as she stated that her questions are pulled from this book- to better prepare them for the test. He found himself very discouraged when he missed 7 of the 25 questions. He said he could only score a B on the whole test and that is if his Essay portion was any good. study is the motto this year.

I am thankful that Zekaryah continues to try with his classes. He is in two AP courses and they are both very difficult. I have been on him to write in his journal every day. Just a paragraph or so to better his writing skills, and thinking skills for that matter. I have also started this week to "make" him read a 300+ page book that is a little difficult for him called Midnight and Charlie Bone (I think). He got through the first 8 pages pretty well, with some help- I am making him read out loud so that I can follow along. He then fussed over reading to page 10. I was firm in stating he would read the next two pages or just shower and go to bed. Since it was only 6:30 I felt my demand was pretty reasonable. He finally did give in. I am glad that I remained firm. Also thankful his dad backed me up in my request. Sometimes that does not occur.

Mekenzei is doing well. She is learning to juggle 3 Ap courses, Volleyball and some other things. She is working so hard. Last night she helped with making blueberry waffles. I enjoy having her in the kitchen and her learning some skills they do not get at school. We enjoyed the evening by reading a book called Boys are like Dogs- or something like that. It was required by school. She had fallen behind. More because she did not realize there was a due date for the book- so she got a lesson in Paying Attention and writing things down. Then the due date she had as of Monday got moved up a day so it made 150 pages my responsibility to read out loud so that she could have it done on time. Where then she got a lecture on making sure she does not do this again because I only bail them out once every 9 weeks so they have to choose wisely.

So Overall this week has been very good. I feel like I am settling in spirit wise. My heart hurts a little less every day with my mom now gone. I am thankful that this week- tomorrow there is a craft night at my cousins house. His wife is the host. Another woman will teach the craft. I am hoping to get supplies so that I can make my own and then have it for either my bedroom or Mekenzeis- I am trying to decide still.

I have done no quilting this week which is odd, but with no orders that's to be expected I guess. So I am looking forward to the shirts that should arrive in the next couple of weeks to remedy that situation.

So what are you thankful for this week?

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