Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some Recent Quilting

My friend made me these blocks a while back. I never did figure out what fabric I wanted then I was in Joann's this summer and saw this.. I loved it- then I thought of these blocks, so today I finally put it all together. I didn't have enough of the flannel to piece the back and the sides were just barely to wide so- will have to wait and do the quilting another day.
This next quilt I love. I picked the fabrics when my mother in law Joyce was alive. I had begun to make a quilt out of them, and got frustrated and started over making some random nine patch blocks that I then cut. Then I never could bring myself to finish it. So I sent it to my friend Des, she made a wonderful quilt then sent me some blocks back. I had made the quilt top a while ago but never did finish the quilt itself.
My mom had mentioned to me this summer to just give the stippling a try. In honor of her this week I did just that. I pinned it all and did a very wide stipple with some pretty variegated thread. I love the way it turned out. I also love the sage green cotton I chose for the backing. I have not decided what to do with it yet. I had thought of a couple people to gift it to, but for now It will just sit finished. Its nice to get all these UFOS done. Esp since I really wanted something to do and I don't currently have any quilt orders.

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