Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

This morning started very early. I had such a hard time sleeping last night- female issues and headaches, then this morning was up at 5:15..I don't like mornings like that.. On a positive note I got a cute potholder set finished for a friend and also put a bag of two dif color towels and some sample fabrics for a teacher who wants a set of towels and 2 sets of potholders. I am hoping we can finalize this "deal". It would give some milk and bread money for next week.
Paul did a Tackle it Tuesday for me this morning on the way to work.
His didn't go so well. Of course he has only been with me a few times with coupons and even though I explained everything, wrote it down, he simply forgot...
3 BOGO Purex coupons- Daytona Price 2.49 each- should ring the second one at $4.12 that's what it did the other day.= 6 Purex
2 boxes of Cheerios- Had a $1 off coupon with the price right around $2.49
1 bag of Frito's- Sale Price ( no coupon)
Here is the mix up. I had a coupon for Kraft Mac n cheese- it says 5 boxes. There is a sale on 5 boxes- however the manager decided that he would not allow this coupon with the prepackaged 5 boxes. Since it was on the way to work my husband didn't argue simply said he didn't want the Mac N Cheese then, and wanted the coupon back.
Normally this might be okay except he forgot the key- as to why I said he needed the Mac N Cheese. You have to buy 10 items to get the lower cost, so now he paid higher on everyone of those items! I had to grin, because he has gone with me and I count and recount and often will throw in one extra item to not miss that 10 item discount, because it is $3, sometimes more.
Oh well, it was still only around $14 for 6 bottles of Purex, 2 boxes of Cheerios and a bag of Frito's, really that isn't too bad, but he should have gotten it for 4.74 plus maybe tax. He was actually very upset over his messup. I was just so thankful he made the trip. No matter how you look at it I got 3 bottles of Purex for free. :-)

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