Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catalina Issues

I sure get a lot of Catalina Issues...Krogers twice now has not printed out the reward stuff for Purex. Then tonight I could not use RR at Walgreen's for a purchase of 2 Tylenol cold, and a pack of trident gum. He said I had to many coupons or something. I had one coupon for 2 ty cold and then the one for the trident gum. I was bummed it would have brought it down to $5
Then I purchased 2 Excedrin and a trident gum- and the $2 RR did not print. I had done it on a previous day so I know it happens. It is rather frustrating. Silly at the same time to be upset over not getting these little RR things..
I am hoping that Kroger restocks the Purex since I have 6 BOGO coupons. It is such a good deal. They give you the second at the 4.12 price not the sale price of $2.49, so with the 10 participating items at $3 off deal, I could just about pay for my 5 pack of mac n cheese and 3 boxes of Cheerios.
My husband said he would look for me before work. I have to be to the school at 9:30 so I might just go first thing also. Have to cut some fabric for some handprints that the kids in Zekaryah's class will be doing.
I am still trying to sort through all this coupon stuff. I really want to get the best deal I can. We will have no money at all for food during the month of March, and possibly April so I am just praying that my last trip this month is a good one. I am also praying I sell a few towels or quilts in those two months just so we can get the normal like milk and eggs. Otherwise I will be getting very creative. I trust the Lord to provide though, he always does, something I am ever grateful for.

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