Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So sometimes Paul can take a simple project and turn it into a giant one. This catapult was for science club this past week. Paul had to work on Saturday so Sunday morning we reviewed a few online. I had to leave to go get Mekenzei during part of the construction so I was surprised to see its size when I got back home. He did a great job. I did find that two bungee cords would have been ideal as it actually broke after testing the third item. I think more because we had already tested it a few times at home. The kids were very disappointed. This coming month we have to create a balloon powered boat. Fun Fun... they will also have to make their own as they just fought way to much the last two months.
I enjoy Science Club, it is interesting to see all the different ideas children/and their parents, bring forth. Also it is just once a month so it is not a bad way to get involved at the school. This is my third year helping. Jakob has pitched in this year because it allows him one hour of PALS credit- which is a Peer Assistance Leadership Service for his jr. high. The school loves having his help, esp Mrs Wilky who is in charge of the Science Club.

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