Monday, February 1, 2010

Shopping Day Saturday

I think Saturdays may become my normal shopping day. The store is a little more crowded but it just seems to fit in my schedule better for now. This week I just went to Kroger. I did not find that I needed anything at Walmart this week. Kroger's had a Mega Sale and it was full of really good deals, even if you did not have coupons for some of the items. Like Rotel- at 40 cents a can. You just can't beat that. We eat a lot of queso around here and love Rotel for things like enchiladas so I stocked up. Another item I stocked up on was Kraft cheese. I had 5 coupons for $1 off 2. That meant I got 10 bags for $1 each. Great deal. I had a BOGO for Always products- 2 of those. What was nice was she gave me the org price of $3+ for the second one so instead of the sale price of $2.49 for each first product I got them for an additional $1 off. Making 4 Always products $1.49 each. I was highly impressed. Another item I did really well on was I can't believe its not butter. I must admit I tend to be pretty loyal to brand. This is not one I would generally buy. However, it is really hard to pass up a sale for 99 cents on the two pack when you have a $1 off coupon.
I feel I did pretty good. I do not have pictures this week as honestly all but the cold food is still in the bags. We still do not have our side room finished so I can't even put all the food away. The table from last week still has last weeks food on it. I think we might try to just put it all in containers for now since my husband will probably have overtime all week and not get to it until next weekend. It is a pretty funny site to start a stockpile and have so much food and no where for it to all go. I miss the old days of having a pantry in my kitchen.
So the breakdown
I paid 105.27- included 2 papers
MFG savings 43.82
Bonus Coupons 4.00
Kroger Plus $85.05
Total Savings $132.87

Not too bad. I must admit my cashier was the best yet. I handed her this forever stack of coupons and she laid them in two piles and pulled them one at a time. She would even print the receipt- which she did three times to make sure coupons scanned. She was so highly impressed. However the very nice but young bagging person said even though I saved so much she would rather not go to all the work. I'd like to see her unemployed and with three kids then see how she feels :-) For me it is worth every penny we saved. I just hope I can get even better at it because I only had the $100 to play with this week due to a quilt sale. Normally our weekly budget for food is more like $20-40. Pretty hard to feed a family of five on that.

Oh and we bought $10 in rotel items so I will submit my receipt to get $25 in savings back from ConAgra Foods.


  1. You've really done well with the sales and coupons! The cheese alone is fantastic! I also love it when you can get a kind cashier who doesn't act like you're doing something criminal simply because you're couponing.

  2. Thank you again for commenting. It is nice to get feedback. I am very thankful for the sales and have been praying about the coupons. So far it has worked out good. I just need to inventory so I can come up with a menu with all the items we have. That will be the real work. I have learned I need more than one paper though to make it work.


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