Saturday, January 16, 2010

What I am Learning Friday

Time is precious. I am learning that so much. I had lunch with a friend and was so thankful I took the TIME to do that. So often I get caught up in the school volunteering, quilt orders, kids etc that I forget about Fellowship and how important that is. It was nice to get out, have a wonderful meal and then still have some time together while we both worked together that afternoon in the Paw Pride Store the school has. I found myself so renewed afterwards, ready to then face the rest of my very busy day.
It reminds me of why the Lord gave us friends. Not to just lean on them when times are bad. To share our Blessings with them, to reach out when they are in need, to fellowship just because once in a while and so that we can then be refueled.
I forget sometimes how the Blessings the Lord continues to bring our way speaks to the hearts of others. Of course I see some really small things as blessings. One set of towels selling means I will have a half weeks groceries, or some gas money to get kids to and from places. I am thankful I remember to speak of the little things because it is the little things that add up to such a wonderful testimony that the Lord will continue to provide we just have to have faith, even when times are tough.

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