Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Thursday was rough. I woke up with a very different headache and was just miserable. It was all I could do to get the kids to school. I found myself so thankful for my Dog. I wanted to just take some meds and push through and work on my quilt. He kept barking and pulling at my leg when I sat at the desk. I thought maybe he just wanted to lay with me in bed for a while. I fell asleep and had a seizure. Boy did my head ever hurt after too. I stayed in bed pretty much the rest of the morning. Got up to get kids that afternoon then came back and got into bed. Even fell asleep while doing the kids homework that evening. I had lost a day of quilting but I was ever so thankful to have my dog that day. It gave me comfort while I was miserable and probably saved me from seizing while sitting up or standing which could have been so much worse.
It also made me realize I need to do better at getting more protein, as I had just been eating light meals like apples, cheese, celery and peanut butter. So for our family dogs are a huge blessing, even if they do silly things at times that aggravate me.

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