Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday- Great Meal Idea

Vegetarian Spag Casserole

I love this recipe. I change it up a lot because you can add just about anything you want. I do not have a big pan though so I have to cook it in two dishes. We eat off one and then the other feeds us for lunch a few days for the next week. It is great for Saturday nights as I can just pop it the oven. One day I might just see if the crock pot will work too.
While the pasta boils- nearly an entire box of penne noodles, bow ties etc.. I cut up some veggies today I used mushrooms, 3 green onions, a tomato, black olives - one can, green olives, half a bag of spinach- that I don't cut just leave whole leaf wise. Just a note I only add green olives because my husband loves them. Basically anything you would put on a pizza would be good in this dish. It tastes very much like pizza to me.

I then mix in a big bowl- only because I don't own a big rectangular pan to cook it in- the pasta that is now drained, some sauce, moz cheese, and all those veggies. We had a mix of white cheeses today so that was a special treat. You could very easily mix meat in with this we just didn't have any.
I then dump it all into my two bowls that look like this and top with a little cheese, I put a little more on it towards the end. My husband loves it very cheesy. I use the whole bag of 4 cups for the two dishes, just to give you an idea. I cook this on 350 for 45 min, top with cheese and cook at least another 15. You can put it in the fridge-if you made it up ahead of time and cook just before dinner, just give yourself an hour. It also freezes really well if you make up more, like I do. Now mind you none of my kiddos will eat this but I don't really mind making something different for them. I like the idea of eating good as much as I can.

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  1. Sounds (and looks) good. My son, Jonathon, is a vegetarian and sometimes it is hard to find something he'll eat.


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