Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Today I worked on my Thomas the Train quilt order. I enjoyed it. At first I had to figure out how to lay the squares because one fabric I only had 3/4 of a yard to and I really could have used more, but they don't make it anymore. It came from my stash. It was a good thing that I had extra fabric as my new layout meant I was now short on two fabrics. Thankfully I had some from a prior order.
I have the entire center quilt top done. Tomorrow I need to cut my 5 inch strips and then embroider one of them, attach, pin, quilt and bind. I am kind of thankful that the customer chose Satin binding as it will be nice and easy and I can use my decorative leaf stitch that I like so much. It takes a little more time as you have to wait on the machine but it sure is pretty.
I left from my quilt to the school to be a judge today for Honors Choir Auditions. Only a select few that come make it for the District Choir. It was a real honor to hear my daughter audition. She has such a lovely voice. Zekaryah didn't do so well. He didn't even make it two words in when he chose he just wasn't going to do it. Partially to blame was the fact that the song is meant for Soprano girls.. kind of hard for a boy to sing that and also sing something he has trouble reading the words to in the first place. So I doubt he will make the cut, too bad.
Then I was off to the PTO meeting- to catch the last 30 minutes since it was also today, at the same time. It was nice to join the meeting as discussion took place later about some towel orders that I have been making and some new ideas.
Then I left to take Mekenzei to a friends house to grab some of her things, dropped her off at another friends to do an assignment for school. I then let the dog out and was off to Walmart to get the fabric I needed for the border of Mr Thomas Quilt, some towels and a few groceries. Of course we forgot fish and potatoes so now I need to change my menu plan for this week- tomorrow in fact. Since we had omelets tonight I might have french toast for tomorrow.
So now I wait for Zekaryah to finish homework, he sure has a lot and he just is fighting me every step of the way. I of course am short of patience as I didn't get to sleep until 3 and got up at 7, not sleeping well in between.
I feel like I tackled quite a bit. I still have a ton more to do this week to stay on track. I also need to somehow fit in my kitchen and wash among all my quilt stuff. Seems really hard to do lately, esp since the rest of the house is so much colder. Pictures to come soon.

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