Saturday, January 23, 2010

Small Town Store Trip

The last two stops I made were very quick. The first was Food Basket. They have a free item every week that we take advantage of. This week was a 4 pk of toilet paper. Then they had a coupon for 2 cans of Tuna- Starfish for .29 cents I believe. That is all I my bill was .58 cents.
My friend Pam gave me one of these pages from the Chronicle Wed ad we get in the mail, so now I can send Paul in tomorrow with .60 cents to do it again. I am thankful he does not mind.

Last trip was another local store Brookshire Brothers. They had Trix cereal 2 for $4. I tried to price match at Walmart but it was not the same price, and Krogers was higher so- I made the stop. Its not far from the house, so not really a big deal. I had two coupons each $1 off. I paid exactly $2 for both boxes and then a coupon printed out for $1.50 off 3 boxes. I have a coupon right now for .55 cents so I will go back tomorrow and pick up 4 more boxes.. I like to store house cereal because I often cook things the kids will not eat.

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