Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kroger's Shopping Trip

I started with Kroger's this week because I had some coupons that worked with the 10 for $10 sale they were hosting this week. I also saw a couple things in the ad that I was interested such as Stayfree/Carefree for $2.49 and then I had a coupon for $1 off. I also had a couple coupons for Wheaties Cereal- the new one called Fuel, and they had it on sale. I am thankful to my friend Pam who gave me a couple of Pillsbury coupons. It helped me get 9 for less than I would have spent, as the only 10 for $10 this week were the smaller ones and I didn't have 3 coupons total for that. I took advantage of a couple of sales in addition to coupons and the 10 for $10 and did really well this week, not as good as a month ago though, I had so many more coupons on that trip.
Breakdown of how I did
MFG Cpn $14.05
Bonus Cpn $1.95
Kroger plus savings 26.41
Total coupons $42.36
I spent $62.86 more than i wanted to but I stocked up on some can soup and pineapple. Neither of which I had coupons for. Bummer as I did have Campbell's coupons a month ago, but they are now expired. :-( I was still pleased. I got one of the packages of Carefree for .19 plus tax...I had a coupon for $1 off a package I was buying that I already had a coupon for $1 for.. I just simply peeled it off that package, picked up a different one that was for $1.19 and then it came to .19 cents. A great find... one side note I did have to pay full price for two items- the cranberry juice. I didn't have juice coupons and I really do like the Cran-Straw that Kroger's sells- they are the only place I can ever find it. So for me I am willing to fork over the 1.99 each. Then I also did pick up a Sunday Paper so that was an additional $2. I need to look into getting that cheaper somewhere.

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