Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I feel extremely blessed this week after seeing everything on TV and the discussions I have had with my husband. I find that our menu has been pretty predictable lately, mainly because its cheap. The kids have done good about not complaining too much. My oldest did say wow didn't we eat that same thing last week. Yet we have food, we have running water, we have a roof over our head. It had been so terribly cold up until this past week. I am so thankful for the warmer weather. This week I find myself giving thanks even for the house, as many do not even have that due to earthquakes and other situations.
I look at the fact that I still do not have a job yet somehow manage to sale a couple towels or a quilt here and there, that Paul finds some overtime for work, or even an extra job once in a while. It is keeping us a float somehow. That again is so much more than so many others.
I have healthy children who do not suffer from disease that ravishes some areas like Africa and the AIDS epidemic. I might get depressed some mornings to such a degree like this morning that I can't get out of bed, yet I am so grateful for all we have and what will continue to be provided for us. We have medical, we have an income, we have food and shelter..
I am ever so grateful to my husband and children this week as I spiraled a little bit with the bipolar. Found myself out of control due to the stress lately of trying to make things work. I do admit it might be a little easier to manage with medication, but being a year down with nothing, I am still going to pursue finding alternate ways to help me manage things.
One lesson I learned this week is that I would like a new devotional that I can write in daily. So I will be in search of that next week on one of my slower days.
So as this week comes to a close and you hopefully spend time with your families this weekend. Reflect on how much you have. Reflect on the fact that you have knowledge of our Lord and Savior, that through him we receive knew life, that one day we will return to His Kingdom in a new body and that this world will be over. The trials and tribulations, pain and suffering... it will all be in the past and we will be with Him in Eternity. I know that fact gets me through some rough spots, it has for sure this week.

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