Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

Today I worked on Zekaryah's Quilt- I would like to have it done by his birthday. It might have been a wonderful blessing to not finish it on time as I don't see money turning around birthday wise by Jan 30th for him. Its okay though. Honestly we never do big birthdays. We just have a family breakfast, lunch and dinner for the "person of honor". I am hoping I can finish his bedroom curtains, his quilt and also frame a beautiful painting he got for Christmas, that has an ocean theme. Maybe I can do something else to Spiff up his room. And yes I did just say Spiff. LOL
Anyway today I sewed 80 blocks into 10 rows of 8 across. Not too bad. I would like to sew all the rows together and get the quilt top done but the kids want to play Monopoly so, better wrap it up for today. It is nice to get so much done as it makes it more possible to achieve my goal and also knock something off my 10 for 2010 list come the end of the week of Unfinished projects.
Honestly I had 90% of this fabric cut into 8 in squares since January of last year. I had planned on gifting them all quilts last year but my grandfather passed away and it got placed on the back burner.
I also ordered fabric for Jakobs quilt. He wanted game themed fabric which I will cut into five inch squares and then place in a Sudoku game pattern. Thankfully I found 9 different fat quarters and they all had some color. Hopefully I can find some matching fabric for the two different sashings once I see all the fat quarters. Then he has this cool money fabric that is flannel for the back. I can't wait. It is kind of an inside joke as he is always so concerned with MONEY, so much so that it drives us nuts!
So that has been my day. Quite a tackle considering I am still under the weather health wise.
But with Christ I can do all things...cause he gives me the strength to keep on moving.
Hope you had a great Tuesday also. Pictures of the quilt- when it is done...

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  1. Money always seems to be the obstacle - at least with me. My eldest turns 21 on Jan. 4. I don't have anything to give him and I don't have the talent for making quilts. You do such a beautiful job. Sounds like this will be a special birthday for Zekaryah.


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