Monday, December 28, 2009

Menu Monday

Well this week starts out kind of with mixed emotions. We had purchased an extra ham this year to have since times are a little tough and food money is scarce, at least for now, while I still look for work or quilt sales. Paul's family decided on Christmas Eve that they would all get together for Christmas, which was wonderful, despite me being sick. They have not gotten together for many holidays in the last few years, so for me this was such a huge blessing to see unity again. I was really missing their mother, as December is the 4th year since her passing. Anyway, we were to bring the Ham. I honestly was a tad upset as that is probably the most expensive part of the meal and Paul did not even consult me. However, it was good in that I was so sick and did not have to prepare it. Paul handled it all.
The Lord had us covered as my cousin Matt and his wife brought by some gifts while we were at church Christmas Eve. They brought some clothes that had been donated to them for our children and then also a Ham, banana bread and some cookies. They did not want to cause a big fuss so they didn't call first. We had planned to go to church that afternoon with some friends, but they cancelled so instead we cleaned up the house some, and then went that evening. That is when Trisha and Matt came by. Our dog Rufus refuses to stay on the change. We continually try new hooks and nothing has worked yet. He is one smart dog. He jumped the fence while we were gone and was in the front yard when they got to our house. They debated leaving the items but then finally decided it would probably be okay. Well we were so embarrassed to learn that they had left all these items. We knew about the ham as it was half gone when we got home. The poor dog, you should have seen how big he was. While I admit we were very upset with the dog we could not really fault him either. So then I felt back to square one on our meal plans...
So this week we will divide our house some meal wise to make things work. Mekenzei went shopping with me this week to help me come up with some ideas. I think its the first time we have gone to the store without a list, just searching for ideas.
Breakfast- kids on break- hot or cold cereal
Lunches- Tuna, Mac N Cheese, Spag O's, PBJ Sandwiches
Monday- Boiled eggs and biscuits
Tuesday- Cheese Enchiladas or Bean (n cheese) Burritos
Wednesday- Frozen fish fillets, frozen pizza and fries
Thursday- French Toast and Bacon
Friday- Waffles
Saturday- Grilled Cheese or Tuna Sandwiches
Sunday - Pancakes
I feel so blessed as this year comes to a close. We could not afford to buy gifts this year but a few people pitched in and helped with that. It is so nice to see them have some warm clothes too, as we go through a pretty cold winter. I was talking to Mekenzei today when we went shopping and I apologized for not being able to get their quilts done, or provide them a gift from us directly. She looked at me and said its okay. Then said it was the best Christmas Ever. I have to admit it was really nice. Filled with love, family and togetherness. I think it was the first year I didn't deeply miss my family either. For the first time I really felt part of the family here, outside of my children and husband I mean, part of his family. A prayer of nearly 15 years finally answered.

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