Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This week is almost over, it is very hard to believe. I feel like I have never sat down. However, that wouldn't be true since I sat all day yesterday while at my cousin's house enjoying time with his wife and children. I truly enjoyed my time over there so much that my phone rang at 4:30 and I grabbed it, I didn't know who it was so I didn't answer it, but when I noticed the time, I was shocked. It didn't feel like I had been there for four and a half hours. We had lunch and enjoyed chatting, their little girl B rolled over from back to tummy while I was there. That was so exciting to see. I love milestones. She chewed on my fingers which had a little burp rag over them, she pushed up lots on my legs to try and stand. It was adorable, and just before I left I washed my hands so that the milk wouldn't be on me all day and make me want another baby! I didn't leave until after 6 pm, so on the way home I picked up breakfast food so that all would be forgiven for me not getting a thing done all day. It was wonderful taking some time for myself. Boy do I remember the days with little kids liker hers too, I am sure just having someone over at her house was nice also.

As for the rest of my week I finished the Handprint Quilt and was able to drop that off on Tuesday. I truly think it was a beautiful quilt and am very proud of all the hard work I put into it. I took an order from this same lady for a Benchwarmer for her son, so that is exciting- a true blessing to get repeat business.

Another huge blessing is- I had been asked on Tue to be a parent helper for a camp invention our school is having. With that job- which is primarily helping by word of mouth- my two younger kids get to attend the one week free. To be very honest I had not thought of them going, mainly because I knew we would never come up with the money for it. However, both children are deeply in love with Science- Inventions- Discovery so this camp means the world to them. It is amazing to see God fill the desire of their heart. What was wonderful is my boss will change my hours for that week so they can go! That was a huge obstacle as I am normally at work by 8 three days a week and camp started at 9, so initially I turned it down, till hubby said- just ask if you can change your hours- explain the situation. Now I still have not told them yet, as I don't have all the final details and nothing is set in stone but at this point it looks like they get to go. How exciting.

My husband has been working all week on our fence- and the chicken cage. He got a lite hooked up last night for them- as we keep getting some "cool spells". He got the wire wrapped all along the second side- so he just needs to purchase one more roll and it will be finished- minus the whole for a gate. Not bad. I am ever so grateful for him. He works all day, then comes right home- puts in a couple hours here and then helps with dinner and dishes and getting kids to bed. I could not ask for a better companion!

Today is also a day for a Blessing- as my parents celebrate their anniversary today. My mom is feeling better- recovering from the Mumps and Strep Throat. They leave tomorrow for a week. How exciting. They love to go camping and they even take Tara their Dog. So On that note- Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! (if you didn't figure it out- they are in the picture up top)

This week I have much to be thankful for!

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