Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am double posting on both of my Blogs today. I am just beat, and at the same time very thankful. Today I was able to spend the entire day with Zekaryah. He may not have always been so excited as our trip consisted of two stores with fabric in addition to other errands like lunch with Dad at a very good Diner in town, and then visiting my friend Melissa and her new baby Noah. I was able to pick up the fabric for the quilt I worked on yesterday so that was nice and I found fabric for the Patriotic Quilt I will donate to my cousin for a Gala he will attend. That is a huge relief, it was really nice because it was normally 9.99 a yard and I had a coupon for 40% off. It is the perfect backing fabric. I could not be more pleased with it. Just a true testament to what America is all about. I picked up a couple Debbie Mumm fabrics for the same quilt, I wish they had been on sale, I only got 1/3 yard cuts and it still added up. I wanted more of the line but my pocket book said otherwise, so I will try to tie in some other fabrics to complete this Lap Quilt Donation. My only other purchase today was some orange and white ribbon for a requested UT Tag A Long I will make tomorrow.
I think of all my blessings and I realize that even though sometimes there are friends in our lives that we rarely see that our friendships can really just outweigh time. That is how it was with Melissa today. I got to immediately hold her precious baby boy, who immediately decided to throw up all over my arm after she gave him some colic meds. I had to laugh because my motherly instinct was to 1) turn him so the puke went out, since he is not quite 2 months yet, and then 2) hold him over the counter I was near instead of the very clean kitchen floor. TOO FUNNY. I didn't mind. Baby puke never hurt anyone.
After she changed him, I gladly held him again - for over an hour! He just slept so soundly in my arms. I miss that feeling so much, however I do not miss the tiredness that she feels since she can't seem to reverse his schedule. He is up at night and sleeps during the day. Always a hard habit to break. I was able to give her two panel quilts and a Tag A Long while I was there. I have a very special quilt that has to wait for little Noah to have since they will have a Baby Shower get together at the end of the month.
Meanwhile I still deal with Mekenzei- I am at a loss of what to do. Her attitude is crazy insane, she is so hormonal and moody and just UGH! I decided today that her behavior warranted me taking Zekaryah instead of her, I think she figured out that she has to do something else to express herself because since I have been home she has not once got all PUFFY at me.
While I can't figure out how to handle her lately, I was reminded today how much I treasured her as I found myself looking for Blue and Green fabrics for a bed quilt, or talking with her dad over lunch about purchasing a Full Size Bed for her- as hers is musty and makes her sick, so she has been sleeping in her brothers room which is not working well. She really needs her own space.
Lastly I am just so thankful to my husband who has been amazing, as I turned our living room into a quilting studio, it is chaotic at times but he just grins and bears with me. The dishes have sometimes been left in the sink and I don't think I got the tile swept in the den once all week but he has not said anything but do you need help with?.... Truly just the words I need to hear among the busyness of this week.
While I did not get any sewing done today, I feel very content being able to just share my day with Zekaryah and talk and laugh and just have a wonderful afternoon in our new Spring Weather.


  1. In the midst of busyness we have so much to thank God for. Enjoyed reading your post today.

  2. I'm back....
    I posted an award for you at my blog. It isn't labor intensive (too much) so pick it up when you get the time. Pass it on if you want!


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