Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

Well I didn't do what I was supposed to do. Hubby is not too happy with me either. I understand. I should have worked on a customer order that I took Friday morning. I just could not get myself into it. I did finish a Baby Quilt today though- so I got something done for my Tackle it Tuesday.
I have it washing now, then will dry it and it will be ready to sale.
I love the flannel that I used on the back. It is so pretty. It has some wonderful coloring and I love the swirls. I made the binding from the same line. I have used it before on another quilt. It is so pretty. I love the shade of purple in the fabric.
I think it turned out just over 30 by 35. I might ask $45 for it. I hope that is a fair price.
This would make a great nursery quilt for sure.
I have not decided if I will list it on Etsy or just keep it for inventory for my Craft Show in May at the school. I will pray about it. I just don't know if it would sell and I feel like I have time to sell it online, then if it didn't, I could take it with me. At the same time I have so little time to make a bunch of quilts for the show too. SO I have mixed feelings. If it did sell prior it is a sell, that seems beneficial either way.


  1. Ah well, you'll get to the other quilt. Sometimes you need to do an entirely different project to get motivated for one you *need* to do, LoL! I know this!

    Maybe list it in your etsy and if it doesn't sell by the show, deactivate it and take it with you. That way someone has the opportunity to buy it before the show.


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