Monday, July 25, 2016

Relax with a Great Book

I read two books this summer. One with my daughter which I actually really enjoyed called Poison Wood Bible. It was for an English assignment - summer reading so I can't really say I was relaxing with a great book but I love that I have the time to spend with her. She will be off to college next year and its these little things that I love, reading to her and discussing what we read then helping her with ideas once in a while when she gets stumped on an assignment. I will miss these days for sure.
This is the other book I read. Its called the Husband Project by Kathi Lipp.
This summer my focus was our marriage, it started back in May. I was looking for ways to build our marriage up because we will sort of be empty nesters next year. Our younger two are seniors this year. I hear story after story about how hard marriage can be once all the kids are gone, how couples are disconnected etc.
Well the dear Lord had a different plan because my husband was injured so the book got put on hold. I did start it a few weeks ago when he went back to work after being off 2 1/2 months. Its 21 days of focusing on him.
For me this could not have been a better time. When you truly care for someone, helping them shower, changing sheets several times a day, their pretty much every need, its very depleting. I really just wanted a vacation. I realized I needed to still focus on him. He is still healing, he is still working through the let down of the summer and some major life changes.
At first he just was really surprised by all the neat ideas, some dates, some helpful situations like doing a pipe order, which is a side job of his, while he was at work, some cooking of special meals etc.
I am not completely done. I had to start spreading it out because he figured it out and it became an expectation. I don't want that out of the book. So now I am doing a couple a week.
I admit it takes a lot of time and planning to pull all of it off. Some of them I had to modify because I don't dress up, wear make up etc. So I changed the project to suit us.
I really enjoy the idea of focusing on him. It helps me from focusing on the wrong things and it really has been improving our marriage because it improves our attitudes towards one another. 

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