Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sick Days

Sometimes this kiddo has to stay home from school. No matter how hard we try his body just doesn't always cooperate. Monday this week I had to pick him up in the morning. We contacted teachers, got homework and tried to make a plan for the week to get caught up. With seven classes you can quickly get behind when you miss a couple of days. Due to the 24 hour rule he had to stay home on Tuesday as well.
We made good use of that time. We tried to get his driving permit renewed. We went and got his hair cut, went and did some shopping and he treated for pedicures. The best part was lunch. The waitress thought we were dating. We had the same situation at the pedicure place. It was kind of funny really. They could not believe I was the age I am, then always assume I started super early. When I explain I have one even older than him, it really puts them over the top. What an awesome lift to a person's day. I am thankful both boys are so good about it. 

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