Friday, May 6, 2016

National Honor Society Junior Year

National Honor Society is awesome. It really helps celebrate your successful grades. I love that they get together at school for a few hours afterwards to just have some fun. What is nice this year is it was the last day of a weeks worth of testing. After all that testing its a much needed break.
Zekaryah works just as hard in class, sometimes harder as its difficult for him at times to retain information, copy it from one text to another etc. He has improved so much this year. I love how far his writing has truly come. He does an amazing job at giving time to the Lord. He is always willing to serve in any capacity he can. He works as a student leader for the ministry, he serves in the band, he works with little ones in our younger areas called Son Harbor, he also helps with sign language on stage during the music time on Sundays for the youth. He really loves this portion of serving. He is involved in Track, Cross Country, Men's Choir Ensemble at School as well as Mixed Chorale. He is BUSY~
I love hearing from other parents about how hard he works, how honest he is and just what a blessing he is in their lives. While he may not make grades enough to be in Honor Society he does an amazing job in my book. 

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