Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Junior Night Awards

I can't tell you how proud I am of this girly right here. She works so incredibly hard. In addition to a full AP Course load class wise, she serves as Historian for the Junior Class, she also volunteers as a leader for Student Ministry, serves as part of the Student Ministry Band Team and works in Son Harbor- the Sunday School portion of service. She is involved in Student Council, Choir- a couple different ensembles etc.
She is super busy. I remember when our oldest was in high school it was tough for him to get everything done. She has so much more on her plate with church obligations added to her coursework yet is still able to achieve high grades and accomplish so much.
This year beyond perfect attendance, which can be difficult to do
She received an award for her AP US History Class. This class has been a struggle. Its a new instructor, hes tough, he never has projects he is quiz and test based only for grades and you not only have to read but  you take MOUNTAINS of notes in order to do well. She has two binders worth for this class. 
She received Early Decision paperwork for Mary Harden Baylor, so we will be applying in August. ACT and SAT scores are back, so this summer will be a great deal of work preparing for AP Chem, Physics or Biology (she will take 2 of the 3 courses) as well as AP Music Theory, an AP Math, English and History course and Ensemble Choir. Senior year is going to be super busy.

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