Friday, April 29, 2016

Regional Track Meet

For the first time he got to come home prior to a track meet. We learned a lesson- he should have eaten something. The curved back roads gave him a motion sickness headache that then turned into a migraine as the evening started.
Thankfully I messaged prior to arriving and we purchased a kids meal with rootbeer to help him out. He just ate one piece of chicken and had some of the rootbeer and some motrin. There was enough time before he ran that it all set in and he was feeling a little better.
There were quite a few boys running the 4 by 400m race for this Regional Meet. There was really tough competition. I could see how nervous he was as well as his teammates.
I waited all night to see this yawn, it always shows me his head is in the meet and he is ready to go.
I know he was nervous about going down. The previous couple of meets prior to this one he had trouble. He probably could have pushed a little harder, but he just didn't know.
While they didn't win a spot for State and came in last for their heat I was just so proud to see him running. I am excited to see how the summer goes, hoping he can run most days and just really become stronger and be ready for the 2016-2017 Senior Year Cross Country and  Track Seasons.

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