Thursday, April 28, 2016

Poppies Quilts

This order started with an idea to make 6 quilts, it then grew to 8 and by the time I was finished I was able to create 11 of them. They are a little smaller with only 20 pieces and are roughly 45 by 50 finished.
I tried to put a pocket or two from shirts in each quilt.
Each Quilt had a label on the back that either read Poppie or Dad
They contained a few pairs of pants as well as shirts
She chose all the same fabrics front, back and binding.
There was one shirt that was highly important, it was a work shirt. I made sure each quilt had at least one piece of this polo.
Its never easy to loose a loved one.
There are days we truly just want them with us. There are so many events that continue in our lives and they are no longer a part of those. These quilts allow healing to begin.
Often you can see a shirt and remember a vacation, sunday church service or special event.
It gives us something to hold onto until it is time to meet again one day.
Parents and Children are difficult looses for sure. I love how the labels looked similar to handkerchiefs.
What is nice about these quilts is they are so universal. Even though they contain the same clothing they truly are unique one from another.
I am thankful the Lord brings customers to my doorstep, allows me to be part of this journey of healing, joy and love in their lives.
It was an honor to create 11 quilts and celebrate the life of Poppie/Dad.

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