Tuesday, April 5, 2016

6 Months of House Cleaning

A few years back I participated in something called 31 Days to Clean, what a blessing that was. You can see a post here
Sarah Mae has written a book based on that printable/challenge many of us followed called Having a Martha Home the Mary Way. I absolutely love it.
Recently I entered a contest for 6 months of house cleaning for free. I truly need it. Working in your own home is challenging. It is difficult sometimes to balance everything from quilt orders to homework to being a taxi service for my high- schoolers and college student.
At least once a week I ask the Lord to help me in this area, probably truly much more often than that.
Organization is something I truly need help on. Its challenging because this house has many old features, it lacks a garage, attic space, closets. These are places where you store things you aren't using, things you don't need every day. We have none of that. One of the bedrooms is so challenging because the previous home owners put the washer and dryer where the closet should be. The Loft, which now houses two boys isn't even tall enough for them to walk in. At the very center of the room where the stairs lead you can actually stand, but if you veer either direction you must duck otherwise you hit your head. We recently added some mock closet space to it, but it requires some other creative solutions to become a little more livable.
When I saw this new book, I new it was calling out to our family, not just to me. I had been following Sarah Mae's daily posts on her blog and I entered the contest. I will admit I never dreamed I would truly win 6 months of house cleaning. I don't even know what that would look like.
Surprise, I won~
It was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. We live in a small town, it has stores and a post office and lots of schools, however, we live in a sort of farm lifestyle as well. I mean you have seen my posts we are hatching chicken eggs inside our home. Now how exactly do I explain that to a house cleaning service, it seems a little strange I am sure.
The only obstacle I saw was that I had planned to go through the 31 Day Challenge that starts April 11th. I didn't really want a service to come in until after that was complete. (If you would like to sign up, you can go to the link and their is a place for your email. Her blog posts can be sent to you directly)
What is truly interesting is as side work to help ends meet I often clean peoples homes, watch their animals while they are out of town etc. Now I am looking at someone clean our home. What an awesome prospect.
I need a service that does more than clean. I need help organizing our tiny space, which is much smaller with a quilting business in my living room, an exercise area in my den and my daughters personal study nook in my bedroom.
Anyway it is going to work out wonderfully. I feel a sense of relief. I know the Lord is answering this desire of my heart. I am super grateful to have this GIFT.
I can't wait to see how it all unfolds between June and December. I plan to post some photos of the progress. I also am wanting to host a giveaway of Sarah Mae's new book, you can also purchase a journal to go along with it. The challenge starts April 11th. If you need to do a little spring cleaning, organize a room, get something under control, then join us. Lets take back our homes and make a martha home the mary way.
I am very excited for this new journey.

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