Friday, March 4, 2016

Second Track Meet

The second track meet was a little tough only because it collided with the start of Jakob's spring break from college. We went up Thursday night to get him after his 6 pm class but he needed to work Friday morning for Work Study so we had to wait. It was a nice break for us though.
Jakob got off about 12:30 and then we had to rush from Dallas to Tomball to make Zekaryah's meet. I am thankful the running events started after 6 pm. We made it in time for those.
Izzy grabbed him subway for lunch and took it to the school. I was thankful. I wanted him to eat really well before the meet, to ensure good blood sugar before the race. He did so well. He ran the first part of the 400 in 40 seconds, he was so fast~
Just about the other side of the corner on the second lap is when he died out a little, he hadn't run an 800 except for the meet before, they don't practice it after school and he never ran short distance in the past years so this is all new. I think he will do better at the next week. Still 5th place is excellent.
Their team came in 2nd place for the 4 by 4 this time. Again it was so cold once the sun went down. We need extra blankets next time.
It was nice to have Jakob with us, it was the first track meet he has ever attended. School always got in the way when he was at the High School with them or when they were in Junior High. It was nice for him to support his brother and he brought some games for the guys to enjoy.

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