Saturday, March 12, 2016

Prayer Healing Rag Quilt

Jakob designed the quilt arrangement for me, just something he wanted to do. This quilt was made for a Mother of our Choir Teacher at school. She lost her daughter this past summer to a long battle with breast cancer. Now she has treatment of her own to go through. MeKenzei and I were talking one night and she shared the story with me, she asked me to pray for them. That night God wrestled with me in my dreams. He was calling me to make this quilt for them. I had quite a bit on my plate already and it needed to be finished before we went to Spring Break. Somehow my schedule started clearing out and I was able to have it finished and ready to drop off yesterday morning.
This quilt has prayers said over it as it was made. My prayer is that it will provide strength during times when extra is needed. Hope in its beautiful colors and Joy in its warmth and softness as if the Lord himself was giving a hug to her in times of need. I pray that the treatment go well and that there is healing in her life if that is The Lord's Will for her. I pray for her family as they endure this again, esp in the very raw emotions that are currently still very present.

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