Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Life with Chickens and a Horse

When you have little chickens the brooding house only lasts for so long. We spent Saturday reworking the old quail cages. We no longer have quail or dove, the wildlife had gotten to all of them over the course of the last couple of years.
Zekaryah worked on getting Lucky, Izzy's Horse, a shelter. We need to purchase some metal siding for the top.
There was a tree behind the horse shelter so of course Zekaryah "had to" climb the tree and cut the two big limbs, which required him to hang upside down
I am thankful I have learned to worry a little less at my tree boys desire to be in the trees so much.
By nightfall the little chicks had a new place. Hatchet did not like that they were once again moved.
Monday we got home mid day and MeKenzei was home and started helping us clear the next step in the chicken process. Soon we will have a new set of eggs hatching and these little guys will need a normal area, so we have a fenced yard we have to refortify, it hasn't been used in quite some time, it was for ducks before. 
Paul worked hard to get the foundation set for a roof and laying boxes
Hatchet (and Pilsner too) worked hard to enjoy the nice cool ground. He also kept some roosters that wanted to fight in line. Boy can he break up a fight, he tosses the rooster into its own corner and checks on the other. Its kind of funny. One day I might catch video of it.
What I did catch was this little chick (hen) swinging- literally on the wire to the warming light. We put in some sticks so they could roost but this swing idea might be something to do in their bigger coop area. She sure loves it.

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